Nats Scratch N Sniff Stickers

Olfactory perception is something we here at Nats Archive think about a lot. As the Epicurean and atomistic Roman philosopher Lucretius (1 Century BCE) speculated, smelling something that stings the nostrils in a good or bad way often triggers powerful memories. Here at the Nats Archive, we have developed something truly remarkable and groundbreaking. It is so groundbreaking in fact, we fear MLB may view our creation as direct competition to its iPad ready video highlights capabilities.

Ask yourself: have you ever been walking down the street, shopping at a grocery store, standing in an alley relieving yourself, eating poundcake with elderly relatives, or even studying olfactory perception at the Nats Archive Institute of Human Development and wished you could relive a great Nats moment in time? If the answer is, “Does a cat have an ass,” then your wish is about to come true.

Our Archivists have found a way to preserve (and archive) specific scents that can be directly attributed to specific Nationals players. These scents are 100% guaranteed to trigger specific memories in your brain, leading to a euphoric experience that will take over your mind, head, and possibly your lower extremities as well.

Without further ado, we present: the 2013 Nationals Scratch N’ Sniff Sticker pack.

How does it work? These smells are most closely aligned to the aura of your favorite Nationals players. If you don’t believe us, just Scratch N’ Sniff Jayson Werth to reveal a heavy scent of fresh cut lumber, similar to the lumber used to clobber the Game 4 walkoff! You will be instantly transported to the left field bullpen area to that night’s celebration.

Scratch N’ Sniff Bryce Harper and bask in the childlike smell of Fun Dip! Relive the clown question interview or his first walkoff just by sniffing!

Be whisked away on a magical hunting adventure you may or may not have even been present for with Adam LaRoche just by sniffing his “C’Mere Deer” deer attractant spray scented sticker.

Feel free to take these Scratch N’ Sniff Stickers anywhere you go and relive your favorite Nats memories through the greatest of all senses…smell. And always remember, he who smelt it, dealt it.