Nats Archive FAQ

We are humbled by the response to Nats Archive. Thanks to everyone who viewed the site, commented, shared with friends, sent us a message on Facebook or Twitter, or laughed at all!

To answer a few of your questions:

Q: Does Nats Archive take requests?
A: Of course! Contact us on Twitter, Facebook or via the Contact Us tab in the upper right hand corner.

Q: If I see that you guys screwed something up (jersey numbers, last names, wrong heads on certain bodies), should I tell you?
A: Absolutely! We screw things up all the time and we strive for 76% accuracy at least.

Q: Where are the Memes?
A: The Archivists and helper gnomes are adding site content daily. There will be Memes.

Q: Do you guys have lives?
A: Debatable.

Q: Can I show Nats Archive to my grandmother?
A: Does a cat have an ass?

Q: Since you guys have been working on the site for about a month, does anyone know who @Jwerthsbeard actually is in real life?
A: No. The beard literally never breaks character. Ever. It’s frightening. It’s the Daniel Day Lewis of Twitter beard accounts and probably the funniest 10 year old around. We bow to the beard for its dedication to its craft.

Q. Even though you guys are hacks, can I support Nationals Archive?
A. Yes! If our photoshops make your heart explode with karmic delight, then sure! But, don’t give us any money. Give it to one of the very worthy charities that we support. You can find more information here. In the future, we’ll have Nats Archive swag that you can buy as well.

So please, continue to browse. If you have an idea for a Photoshop or anything else, drop us a note! This is a fan experience site, so let’s make some memories.